About me

IT Engineer Intern at Credimi SPA

Joined in tech team of Credimi SPA with Scala, Akka, Lagom, Apache Kafka & Camunda

Vert.x Module Mantainer

Joined in Eclipse Vert.x Organization as module mantainer of vertx-web-api-contract and related packages. Contributed to a various components of the project, in particular Service Proxies and Codegen

GSoC student for Eclipse Vert.X organization

OpenAPI 3 / RAML integration inside vertx-web framework (for more info check out project page

Started studies as IT Engineer in Politecnico di Milano

Robocup Jr. 2016 Management System

Team leader and backend developer of project. This project goal was provide a centralized points management system for Robocup Jr. competitions. Judges used tablets to submit team points inside database through Node.JS/Express backend. Then points and ranks were shown with an Angular.JS web application