Hello world!

This is one of my favourite sentences. Really, when you read hello world on console you know that you have taken the correct path to reach your objective. I read this sentence a lot of times in my console, and every time I’m comforting read it. It gives me the power to write "hello world" + name.

Languages I know

I’ve practiced hello world in different languages:

  • C++
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • Python

And others… And I want to practice it in a lot of other different languages, because, as you probably know, in IT world we never stop learning.

My loves: Javascript and Java

Javascript is my favourite language. You can use this language for everything you want: desktop app, mobile app, web app, backend, … It has like an infinite catalogue of libraries for every need! I’m a little bit experienced with Node.JS/Express stack, and a lot of related libraries. I’m also experienced with OpenAPI specification, and all related tools (Swagger Editor, swaggerize-express, …).

For me Java is like big brother of Javascript. But if you love Javascript, you love Java too. I know little bit of Java-EE, Android development and I’m learning right now Eclipse Vert.x for GSoC 2017

So, don’t get surprised if i’m going to talk a lot about Java and Javascript!

The guys that I want to know better: C++ and Python

I’ve got a small experience with C++ and Python, but I’m going to improve my skills. This languages are a must have in a developer portfolio!

Why a blog?

I’m going to write a blog because I want to document my experiences and share my projects. And also, I think it will be funny!

Stay tuned!